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The Brownstone Restoration Project

Alfred's Victorian Restaurant has become a cornerstone of the town and owner, Robin Pellegrini, was determined to restore it in an appropriate manner while also being conscious of the environmental impact. The roots of the construction of the building are local with the original brownstone quarried near Hummlestown, PA. The Technical Install Team went to work using Natural Hydraulic Lime mortars and Lithomex to repair in-kind any damaged or missing brick, stone and mortar. 100 years after its original construction,

Alfred's Victorian couldn't look better!

Restoring Historic Alfred's Victorian Brownstone

  Randy Ruth discusses the "green" benefits of this project. Lab Tech, Randy Ruth, discusses the process of restoring a historic brownstone building built in the late 19th Century. Using breathable materials including Natural Hydraulic Lime, Lithomex and Mineral Stains to repair in-kind and like-to-like.

Andy deGruchy of Limeworks discusses the use of Natural Hydraulic Lime and Lithomex for restoration.

  Expert Mason, Andy deGruchy reveals the secrets behind repointing our Brownstone with imported Natural Hydraulic Lime.

Published on Nov 8, 2012 - Randy Ruth Discusses Eco-Friendly Lime


​Randy Ruth of discusses the recent restoration of Alfred's Victorian Restaurant in Middletown PA and the environmentally friendly and historically appropriate materials used for this project.

  There is so much to learn about re-pointing an historic Brownstone building.

   It was such an education to be part of the restoration team working on Alfred's Victorian Restaurant.  In this explanation some of the details of how this landmark will be preserved are revealed.

True Sustainable Development in Historic Restoration

Published on Nov 6, 2012

Randy Ruth, Lab Tech for discusses the carbon footprint and sustainability of proper historic restoration

   ​​   Sustainability means keeping a landmark around for a long time.


In these days of a throw away society is good to have a building the will last hundreds of years thanks to the foresight of the original builders and the dedication of the current owner Robin Pellegrini and her famliy.

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