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Specializing in Northern Italian Cuisine, Homemade Pasta, Seafood, Veal,

Flambè Tableside and Fresh Desserts

A Pennsylvanian Tradition Since 1970


Alfred D. Pellegrini of Hershey purchased the Raymond-Young Mansion at 38 North Union Street in 1969. The property's craftsmanship, strength, and beauty gave Fred a vision for renovation and inspired him to create a unique setting for memorable dining. Original fixtures were repaired, decorative woodwork was polished, and stained-glass windows were cleaned to reveal striking beauty.​ The present steward of Alfred's Victorian Restaurant is Robin Pellegrini, and she continues to host patrons coming in for a wonderful meal since ownership passed to her in 2011. Alfred's Victorian is currently on the National Register of Historic Places and still wins awards of local and national acclaim.

Mansion History

Alfred’s Victorian Restaurant has been serving its patrons for over forty years. Found in Middletown, Dauphin County’s oldest community, it’s located halfway between Lancaster and Carlisle.  Quaker George Fisher, on the site of an earlier Native-American village, laid out the town in 1755. Middletown was an important nineteenth century manufacturing and transportation center along the Union and Pennsylvania Canals and the Pennsylvania Railroad. In the nineteenth century Charles W. Raymond, partner in the Raymond & Campbell Stove Works, built this mansion in 1888 and lavished every luxury on the structure. The extravagant beauty was designed by architect Joseph Dise of Spring Glen, PA. The house is constructed of brownstone from the Hummelstown Brownstone Quarries nearby. Charles Raymond eventually overextended himself with the luxuries of the mansion and in 1896 it became the property of the Middletown National Bank for the benefit of his creditors. Redsecker Young in 1898 purchased the mansion for $6,600. After Redsecker Young owned the mansion for four years, in 1902 Simon Cameron Young bought it. He eventually bequeathed it unto his family Emma and Eliza whose ghosts, some say, still dwell within. In 1949, Herman and Sara Baum began their twenty-year residence in the mansion. Alfred Pellegrini in 1969 purchased the building with the vision to transform it into the Northern Italian restaurant it is today. In July of 1970, the restaurant opened its doors for business. Alfred's Victorian has grown into a one of Central Pennsylvania's favorite restaurants for 47 years.

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